A blog about a movement of people who want to set up - and own - one of the first few pub co-operatives in the UK and the first on a city housing estate.

The pub is called the Bevendean and is situated on the Southern edge of Moulescoomb where it meets Bevendean in the wonderful city of Brighton.

The Bevy



1st April 2013


Pot of Gold Found in The Bevy grounds (April Fool’s)

Warning….April Fool’s. All in fun, no harm done. We didn’t find any buried treasure in the garden but we did get everyones attention! :-) The pot of gold to open the Bevy is going to have to come from our supporters and if you like our plans then you have 30 days left to buy shares. From tomorrow we will be running a daily raffle and announcing events to the bevy month of mayhem. And no more tricks, promise. Thanks for your support and please keep sharing our news.

Planned work on The Bevy’s edible pub garden has come to a halt after a startling discovery yesterday.

Volunteers working on the Bevendean Community Pub in Moulsecoomb – set to become the first co-op pub on a housing estate in the UK - were shocked to discover a hoard of coins while digging a trench prepped for some rose bushes. Work on the gardens ground to a halt as the team carefully removed their find and placed them into am airtight lunch box. Lead volunteer, who Tony Robinson who’s namesake presents Channel 4’s Time Team said “…initially we thought we’d hit a bag of nails or some badly placed water pipes…and now I had to throw out my cheese roll to make room for the coins…


The coins could be important archaeologically, but are no means the only find in the Bevendean. There are numerous Romano-British finds in that area, including a cremation, pottery, Bronze Age inhumation, a bracelet, and some Iron Age remnants. Early speculation is that the coins could be 2nd Century which will need to be verified.

Warren Carter, The Bevy’s Chairman remarked “…they could well be the pot of gold residents have been looking for to re-open The Bevy as a community hub….

One Moulsecoomb resident said “…I hope they don’t turn out to be chocolate coins, because 2nd Century chocolate wouldn’t taste very nice…”

Shares for the pub are on sale till the end of the month and so far raised around £34,000 from over 390 members.  Helen Jones, said “…It seems their literally is treasure at the bottom of the garden. We are a third of the way through raising the money so finding this could make all the difference….”


28th February 2013


[The Bevy] Important news

Firstly we have some important news!

We have extended our share issue until 30th April 2013. We have over 350 members and raised £10,700 in cash since our launch. A fantastic achievement BUT not nearly enough to start building yet. We deliberately kept shares cheap to be inclusive. But if you can afford more please do.

Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme

Because we are eligible for this amazing tax incentive anyone who is a tax payer spending a £100 or more on shares can apply for HALF of their investment back through the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme. Contact us for more details.

Share Certificates

Some people have asked why they have bought shares but received nothing in the post. We will not issue certificates until we have enough money in the bank to start our project.

This money is kept in a separate bank account and if the pub does not open people will receive a full refund (you can read about our rules and regulations in our prospectus).


We have been targeting larger investors and supportive businesses to get them on board. If you know anyone who might be interested get in touch with us!

Door Knocking

Fancy being part of our street team, talking to the residents of Moulsecoomb, Bevendean and Bates to tell them what they would be missing if we don’t make The Bevy a reality!

And finally

The Bevy’ is really so much more than a pub – it’s a sustainable building and a self-financing project, offering jobs, training and volunteer opportunities to all local people.

A community ‘hub’ where people can meet, eat, drink and relax and buck the trend of 18 pubs a week closing.

If we pull this off, it will be a beacon of what can be achieved by people doing it for themselves and turning passion into action.

So tell all your family, friends and colleagues to buy some shares and invest in something unique –together we can make the Bevendean a reality.

24th January 2013


[The Bevy] Update, Tree Planting, and other upcoming events

Hello all,

Well its been a pretty hectic and productive couple of months and we thought we’d keep you up to date with the comings and goings at The Bevy. As you all know we launched our share scheme on the 1st December last year and frankly we’ve had a phenomenal response from people local and some not so local. In under two months we have raised a total of £26,790 with 261 members which is no mean feat and all we can say is a massive thank you for your support and the support of the East Brighton Trust for getting us this far. 
What happens next?

This is by no means the end of our shares sale our official closing date for share sales is Thursday 28th February so there are 36 days left to be part of The Bevy. After this date we will report back our success to the East Brighton Trust and with the backing of our members we will seek alternative investments and grants to move forward. If you haven’t bought shares yet they will be available to buy at any of our upcoming events, or from our website (http://www.thebevy.co.uk) where you can also keep track of our progress. Can you spare as little as £10 from your February pay cheque to support your local community. If you have bought shares already, thank you for your support and please help us spread the word to those that haven’t.

In the meantime….we need a Street Team

The next 36 days are crucial, the more investment and (equally importantly) the more members we have only strengthens our position and our negotiation power in order to achieve our goal. In order to do that we need to hit the streets and start talking to the public, many of you have expressed an interest in contributing and we would ask you to drop us a message. Our Street Team Coordinators have their street team strategy in hand, fresh off the press from last week’s Good For Nothing event and anxious to get started as time is very much of the essence. We are looking to send out teams of two people to ask local people what they want from The Bevy (and hopefully sell some shares at the same time). You will receive all the tools, help and support you need for this extremely important task ahead.

We are running a series of publicity and share sale events in the coming weeks to continue our hard work towards our goal, and we welcome all of our supporters to come along. Put these dates in your diary.

27th January 2013 - Tree Planting at The Bevy

We’ve been really looking forward to showing our supporters and local residents that we are serious about making The Bevy a reality and as a show of force we are starting work on The Bevy’s garden on Sunday 27th January, just a few days from now.

We will be planting roses, shrubs, wildflowers and bulbs, but also we will be planting six Sussex Fruit Trees to mark a start on our edible pub garden and make a promise of a piping hot apple crumble in the pub when the trees bear fruit.

As part of our commitment to the garden we have decided to auction a permanent dedicative plaque, one for each of the fruit trees not only to raise funds towards the pub fund but also show that we are committed to making our pub, our cafe a lasting fixture in our community’s history. The auctions have just been launched and are available here - http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/thebevy/m.html 

Rest assured the snow will have cleared by then, but we will be on hand with hot drinks, spades, pickaxes and whatever you need to make this a successful day. Come along to show your support, have a chat, and buy some shares if you haven’t already. We have a survey prepared which we will have prepared for the day to get feedback and comments from our supporters and the local residents

We will be at the pub The Bevy, 50 Hillside, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 4TF from 2pm on Sunday 27th January. If you have Facebook you can mark your attendance on our Facebook event to give us an idea of numbers (so we know how much tea, coffee and hot chocolate to get in) http://www.facebook.com/events/306430629477516/, and we encourage everyone to ‘Share’ the event with their friends to help us make this a productive afternoon. Please forward this e-mail to anyone you think may be interested in joining us.
3rd February 2013 - Seedy Sunday

We are very pleased to announce that we will have a stall at Seedy Sunday 2013 will take place on Sunday 3rd February, 10am - 4.00pm and we’re very excited to announce that they have a NEW VENUE: Brighton Corn Exchange, Church Street.

Entry to Seedy Sunday is just £3, there will be more than 50 stalls, lots of talks, demonstrations and activities as well as the community seed-swap. It is open to adults and children alike. There are an expected 2,000 visitors to the event so come along and check it out. More information can be found at the Seedy Sunday website http://www.seedysunday.org/

Feel free to mark your attendance on our Facebook event and invite your friends to join us http://www.facebook.com/events/119081398261579/

More Events

We are very excited about our other upcoming events we have planned in the next few weeks including a Valentines event, and an upcoming beer festival so stay tuned and we will keep you posted. Look out for the photos of the tree planting from Sunday.

Take care.

The Bevy Team
Buy someone a Pub for Valentine’s Day


11th January 2013


January Update

First some fantastic news –our landlords East Brighton Trust have pledged £20,000! This means we now have £26,290 towards our target of £200,000.

We know we still have a lot of money to raise, so our pop up stalls will be appearing all over the place. We will be selling shares at the Starlight Express at the Brighton Centre this Saturday night. On Sunday we will be at Racecourse car boot sale. We have a stall at Seedy Sunday on 3rd February and will be setting up outside the Avenue shops in Moulsecoomb occasionally. If you know of other events you think we should be at let us know!

On the weekend 19-20 January we will be at the Good for Nothing winter warmer getting together with people to look at the design of the pub and ideas on how we can raise more money.

We will be planting four apple and two plum trees on Sunday 26th January as part of our plans for an edible pub garden as well as spring bulbs and wildflower seeds.

If you don’t fancy digging come along to have a chat to us about our plans over a hot bevy.

And keep an eye out for our Valentines disco extravaganza!

19th December 2012


Our first milestone

In just two weeks we have raised £5100 and have 206 members. Wow! We are hoping to raise £50,000 in shares so at 10% we are on our way.

Many of these members are locals but we are also selling shares to people across Brighton and the rest of the country. We have even sold some to people in America, Canada and The Netherlands!

We need to raise 200k in total to fully open so we still have a hell of a long way to go, but the more money we raise in shares and the more members we get the easier it will be to get bank loans, grants and crowd funding.

From our stall outside Infinity it’s clear that lots of people know about our plans and want to buy a Pub/Community Hub for Christmas. We met some of the old regulars, a guy whose dad used to run it 40 years ago and one of the pubs window cleaners.

Infinity Foods Stall

Every tenner, every member counts. Of course if you can chip in more please do and remember that if you pay tax in the UK and buy 100 quids worth or more of shares you can claim 50% back tax free!

Buy shares for yourself or as a gift.

1st December 2012


Share Launch, our time has come.

The day has finally arrived, our launch day. From today shares in The Bevendean Community Pub Ltd will be made publicly available. The growing team have been working tirelessly all week to get things ship shape for tonight’s launch event.

From 6pm this evening there will be a video presentation of our mission with presentations from a few of our core committee members, followed by an evening of live music and local beers. Drinks have kindly been donated by Brighton Bier, Langhams Brewery and WJ Beer. Food has been prepared and supplied by our team. Live music featuring the talents of Chris Anderson, Mutant Mothers and Raw Deal.

From 6pm you will be able to buy shares for yourself or even as a Gift for Christmas in a few ways;

1. Come along tonight, even for half an hour to come a buy even a single share for £10. Well be at St. Andrews Church, Hillside, Moulsecoob from 6pm this evening.

2. Visit our website http://www.thebevy.co.uk and buy shares, you can pay immediately via debit / credit card, PayPal or we’ll provide with details to make a bank transfer.

3. Come along tonight and grab a form, or download a form on the website and send us a cheque in the post.

Any share contribution will bring us that step closer to making The Bevendean Community Pub the envy of our neighbouring towns. 

In order to make this event a huge success for all of us we need your help to tell everyone about it, if you have time;

1. Please let us know if you’re coming on our Facebook Event  and share it with your friends.

2. Tweet your support with the hashtag #thebevy and mention us @thebevy

3. Come down and grab some flyers and pop them up in your local cafe, shops and your window to show your support.

Here’s to a successful day.

The Bevendean Community Pub

12th November 2012



What an enjoyable Saturday morning! Thank you to all the people that came along for their enthusiasm and willingness to get involved.

We now have a new treasurer and a group of people who will take care of our online presence. We have people working on our website to make sure it can deal with people buying shares online

Some street reps who will deliver leaflets and knock on doors.

Others who will stuff envelopes and help transform the outside space into an edible pub garden and people who will turn up for some Christmas carols outside the pub.

We will have beer mats ready soon as gift certificates for the person who would love to own their own pub!

And a brewery willing to make our own bespoke Bevendean ale.

Our prospectus is nearly ready to go to print - although we need more cash to make sure we can print enough and are still on the look out for businesses willing to advertise in it.

Garden work will also start this Monday turning those overgrown steep slopes into a food producing haven!

 But all this activity doesn’t mean there isn’t a role for you.

We need as many people as possible to get involved in making our dreams happen.

Can you be a street rep? Stuff envelopes? Help us with question and answer surgeries we will holding in the lead up to Christmas. Fancy being membership secretary?

 We need as many of you as possible to come along to the shares launch on December 1st from 6pm. There will be mulled wine and nibbles and hopefully the first showing of the film being made about us. We will talk about plans and you will be able to buy shares.

There will be a fundraising benefit gig afterwards in St.Andrews Hall from 7.30-10.30pm with Raw Deal and other bands and of course a Bevendean Pub bar.

So get in touch and offer to help – we are doing something unique that no one else in the country has done and it will be even better if you get involved.

5th November 2012


Time to come together for action!

Queues at the Amex - Image by Scott HortopIt may feel like nothing’s been happening but the management group have been really busy behind the scenes working on our share prospectus, business plan, lease, licensing, costing up the rebuild, designing the garden, organizing events etc.

Now we are just about to launch the ten pound share issue and start raising money to make it happen. But we really need your help to make sure we raise as much money and get as many people involved as possible.

Can you come along to a meeting at St.Andrews Church Hall on Hillside this Saturday 10th November 10am-12 noon?

We will give you an update on what’s been happening, answer any questions and also have a whole list of jobs that need to be done.

These range from leafleting streets to stuffing envelopes. Encouraging people to buy shares – what about some for a Christmas present!? We need a membership secretary and a team that deals with issuing gift certificates. We need people to help process bountiful numbers of incoming cheques. Do you run a business or know someone that would advertise in our prospectus? Or sponsor us? Do you have the background to help us with legal issues or help with due diligence on our business plan? Do you know somewhere we can get cheap printing? Can you help monitor our facebook and twitter pages and keep them active and lively?

We will be issuing the shares on Saturday 1st December 6.30pm at St Andrews Church and hope as many of you can come along as possible. We are hoping the newspapers and TV will be there. There will also be a pub fundraising gig in St.Andrews Hall after the launch. Can you help with us organise the launch, help run the bar or do the door?

We really need you to help turn The Bevendean into something unique in the whole country. The first co-op pub (plus cafe!) on a housing estate in the UK offering not just a place for people to go, but somewhere we can all be proud of, while offering jobs and training opportunities for local people. This will only happen if as many of us as possible get involved.

We want queues for our shares to be longer than the bus queues at the Amex!

Photo by Scott Hortop

2nd November 2012


What are we doing filling valuable photo space with a letter from the taxman?
Yes, we could have put up a photo of a lovingly prepared full English breakfast, or a full pint of golden ale, but make no mistake this letter about the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (don’t you love the way it just rolls off the tongue?) is a damn site more exciting!
The taxman may taketh away, but he also giveth and what this letter means is in effect that for every pound it ultimately costs a taxpayer to support us we should get two pounds!
Translating that into bigger numbers, it should only cost our supporters £80,000 to give us £160,000!!!
Those familiar with such gifts from the taxman may generally associate them with larger investments of £500 or more, but no, we will be able to set our own lower limit for those who benefit and that limit will be small so that almost everyone who supports us who pays tax will effectively see their contribution matched by the taxman.
Find out more in our soon to be released prospectus!


What are we doing filling valuable photo space with a letter from the taxman?

Yes, we could have put up a photo of a lovingly prepared full English breakfast, or a full pint of golden ale, but make no mistake this letter about the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (don’t you love the way it just rolls off the tongue?) is a damn site more exciting!

The taxman may taketh away, but he also giveth and what this letter means is in effect that for every pound it ultimately costs a taxpayer to support us we should get two pounds!

Translating that into bigger numbers, it should only cost our supporters £80,000 to give us £160,000!!!

Those familiar with such gifts from the taxman may generally associate them with larger investments of £500 or more, but no, we will be able to set our own lower limit for those who benefit and that limit will be small so that almost everyone who supports us who pays tax will effectively see their contribution matched by the taxman.

Find out more in our soon to be released prospectus!

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10th September 2012


Delivering the Bier (sp?)

The final micro-brewery to help us with a a free cask of ale was brewed right here in Brighton and delivered to our tent by the head brewer down at the Hand in Hand, Gary Sillence. The Kemptown Red was the strongest ale on offer - and in case you are confused by the first image, Brighton Bier is the new brand coming out of the Kemptown brewery making beers in styles more usually associated with Belgium or North America. So now you understand the spelling…

As you can see from the state of his shirt, Darren was not well versed in the art of setting up kegs to deliver ale by gravity so it was good that Gary was about to help us with the setting up. And he came back later to enjoy the event.

We did not contact him early enough to allow Gary time to brew us a barrel of the legendary ale that is to come, Bevendean Beast, but we are hoping that this will be happening in a real pub just a little way down the road…..